Danish Academic Economists in North America


Mission Statement


DAEiNA was founded in April 2012 as an organization for Danes studying or working in economics in North America. Below you will find information on our mission statement as well as membership information.

You can also download our bylaws (in Danish). Further inquiries can be sent to daeina@daeina.net.

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The aim of Danish Academic Economists in North America (DAEiNA) is to improve the Danish contributions to economics - both scholarly and otherwise - by facilitating connections between Danish academic economists and the North American economics community.

DAEiNA aims to advance this goal by providing a network for Danish academic economists who have worked or studied in North America, by providing resources for students or others interested in coming to North America to study or work, as well as facilitating knowledge transfer between the Danish and American economics communities in other ways.

Prof. Nikolaj A. Harmon presents his work on labor market matching at the 2013 DAEiNA Meeting. © 2013 Nikolaj A. Harmon